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       Title: DILLY BREAD
  Categories: Breadmaker
       Yield: 2 servings
            -For BM (a Welbilt ABM300)
       1 ts Dry yeast
     1/2 tb Butter or margarine
     1/2 c  Warm water
     1/2 tb Dill seed*
     1/2 c  Cottage cheese (heated
            -to warm)
     1/2 ts Salt
       1 tb Sugar
       1 sm Egg
     1/2 tb Minced onion
       2 c  Sifted all-purpose flour
     1/2 ts Soda
    *I made this bread on Christmas day and discovered I didn't have any
   dill seed, so I substituted caraway. It made a very light rye
   flavored bread. I also plan to try it with poppy seed.
    Also see Atari Bread 189 Posted on Genie C13 T19 M010 by K.SCHOFF
   [Jane] on 12/27/90 MM by Cathy Svitek