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      Title: Black Walnut Butterscotch Rolls 
 Categories: Bread Osg1966 Rolls
   Servings: 1
       2 ea Yeast cakes                 
       2 c  Milk; scalded              
     1/2 c  Sugar                       
       2 ts Salt                        
       2 ea Eggs                        
       7 c  Flour; sifted before measur
       6 tb Shortening; softened - part
            -butter for flavor    
   Crumble yeast into a bowl, add milk, which has been cooled, sugar, and
   salt, and well beaten egg. Add all the flour to the liquid at once.   
   Work in shortening, knead gently. Cover with damp cloth, let rise     
   until double in bulk, about 2 hours.                                  
   Coat bottom of pan with butter, then sugar and walnuts. Roll dough 1/3
   inch thick, brush with 2 T. melted butterm 1/2 c. brown sugar, 1/2 c. 
   chopped nuts and cinnamon if desired. Roll up like jelly roll; cut in 
   1 inch slices. Place cut side down on coated pan. Let rise until      
   almost double in bulk. Bake 20 to 25 minutes in a moderate oven, when 
   done let pan stay over rolls for a minutes to allow butterscotch      
   mixture to run down over them. Serve upside down.                     
   Note: Moderate oven is 350 - 400 F.                                   
   Source: Mrs. John Buss, Baughman Grange, Wayne County, OH