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      Title: Date and Nut Bread 
 Categories: Bread Osg1966 
   Servings: 1
       1 c  Dates; chopped             
       1 c  Water; boiling             
       1 ts Soda                        
       1 c  Sugar                       
       1 ea Egg; beaten                
       2 c  Flour                       
       1 ts Baking powder               
     1/2 c  Nut meats; chopped         
   Add soda and boiling water to dates. Let stand and cool. Then mix with
   remaining ingredients. Bake in moderate oven 1 hour. Bake in long loaf
   bread pan.                                                            
   Note: No exact temperatur give. Moderate oven is 350 - 400 F.         
   Source: Cora Van Allen, Bugby Grange, Astabula County, Oh             
           Mabel Purdy, Pleasent Grange, Knox County, OH