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       Title: Sun-Sational Cheesecake
  Categories: Cheesecakes
       Yield: 10 servings
       1 c  Graham Cracker Crumbs               1 tb Grated Lemon Peel
       3 tb Sugar                             1/2 ts Vanilla
       3 tb Margarine, Melted                   4 ea Large Eggs (1 Separated)
      24 oz Cream Cheese,Softened             3/4 c  Sugar
       1 c  Sugar                               2 tb Cornstarch
       3 tb Unbleached All-purpose Flour      1/2 c  Water
       2 tb Lemon Juice                       1/4 c  Lemon Juice
   Combine crumbs, sugar and margarine, press onto bottom of 9-inch spring-
   form pan.  Bake at 325 degrees F., 10 minutes.
   Combine cream cheese, sugar, flour, juice, peel and vanilla, mixing at
   medium speed on electric mixer until well blended.  Add three eggs, one
   at a time, mixing well after each addition. Beat in remaining egg white,
   reserve yolk for glaze.  Pour over crust.  Bake at 325 degrees F., 10
   minutes.  Reduce oven temperature to 250 degrees F.; continue baking 30
   minutes.  Loosen cake from rim of pan; cool before removing rim of pan.
   Combine sugar and cornstarch in saucepan; stir in water and juice.  Cook,
   stirring constantly, until clear and thickened.  Add small amount of hot
   mixture to slightly beaten egg yolk.  Return to hot mixture, cook 3 minutes
   stirring constantly.  Cool slightly.  Spoon over cheesecake, chill.