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  Categories: Pies, Desserts, Scouts, Fruits
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 cn Fruit (peaches, cherries,
            -pineapple, apricots)
       1 cn Sweetened condensed milk (we
            -used Eagle Brand)
       1    Box white cake mix
            -favorite flavoring for
            -fruit (cinnamon,
   First, start fire early so as to have plenty of hot
   coals. <grin>. Actually an oven set at 350 F will do
   in a pinch.
   Then line a 4-qt cast iron dutch oven with aluminum
   foil. If your doing this on a bed of coals use the
   type of dutch oven that has feet and a flat lid with a
   lip to hold the coals.
   Mix fruit with about 1/2 Cup of the cake mix and
   choice of flavoring, put in the dutch oven.  Mix the
   remaining cake mix and the can of Eagle Brand milk
   together and pour over the fruit/cake mixture.
   Put cover on, place on top of a bed of coals and place
   a heaping shovelful of coals on top. Or put in oven.
   Cook for 45 min. to an hour (check after 40 minutes)
   =-=-=-=-=-VARIATIONS-=-=-=-=-= Mixtures of fruits are
   delicious; cherry/pineapple, peaches/apricots, dark
   cherries/peaches. Anything that suits your fancy.