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  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 c  Lightly Salted Butter
     1/8 ts Salt
     1/3 c  Sugar
     3/4 c  Apricot Preserves (divided)
       1 lg Egg Yolk
     1/2 ts Baking Powder
     1/8 ts Almond Extract
         lg Lemon Zest, finely grated
     1/4 ts Orange Zest, finely grated
   2 1/2 c  Flour
       1 c  Almonds, blanched and finel
       3    Cookies Sheets, greased wit
   Place butter in a bowl and beat on medium speed until light and smooth. Add
   salt, sugar and / cup of the apricot preserves. Beat until smooth. Beat in
   yolks, baking powder, almonds and both zests until well blended. Gradually
   beat in the flour until well blended. Spread almonds in a shallow bowl or
   pan. Pinch off 1 pieces of dought and roll into balls. Roll in chopped
   almonds until coated. If too soft, refrigerate 5-10 minutes. Place 1/“
   apart. Make a deep indentation in the center of each cookie and bake 5
   minutes in a preheated 375oF oven on the center rack. Remove and fill the
   indentation with /t of perserves. Return to oven and continue baking 6-8
   minutes longer until light golden. Remove and let stand 2-3 minutes before
   transferring to a wire rack. Cool completely. Place wax paper between each
   cookie and store in an air tight container.
   Source: ”The Yankee Kitchen" 04-05-93 (#4) [Jeanette]