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                           CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES
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 Serving Size  : 24   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Diabetic                         Cookies
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                         -Bridget Benjamin  (PHFC09A)
    1      cup           Margarine -- at room temp.
      1/4  cup           Sugar
      3/4  cup           Brown sugar twin sugar
    1      tablespoon    Vanilla
    2      cup           Flour
    1      teaspoon      Baking soda
      1/4  teaspoon      Salt
      1/4  cup           -water -- room temp
      1/2  cup           Mini semisweet choc chips
 Cream together margarine, sugar and sugar substitute at medium speed until light
and fluffy. add egg white and vanilla to creamed mixture and beat at medium speed
for 1 minute. Stir together flour,, soda and salt to blend well. Add 1/4 cup
water to creamed mixture along with the flour mixture and mix at medium speed for
1 minute or until smooth.Add chocolate chips to dough and mix lightly. drop by
tablespoonsful onto cookie sheets that have been lined with alumium foil or
sparyed with PAM spray. Press down lightly with fingers dipped in cold water to
form a circle about 2 across. Bake at 375 F for about 12 minutes or until
browned.(the cookies won't be crisp unless they are browned) Remove cookies for
hot cookie sheets to wire racks to cool to room temperate. Allow 2 cookies per
serving. Variation: Chocolate Chip Bars: Instead of dropping dough onto cookie
sheets, spread dough evenly in a jelly rool pan that has been sprayed or greased
with margarine. Bake at 375 F for 20-25 minutes, or until lightly browned and the
bars pull away from the sides of the pan.Cool to room temperature and cut to
yield 36 bars. serve 2 bars per serving.
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