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  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 36 servings
     2/3 c  Butter or margarine,
     1/3 c  Shortening
       1 c  Packed brown sugar
     1/2 c  Granulated sugar
       1    Egg
       1 t  Vanilla
       2 c  All-purpose flour
       1 t  Baking soda
       1 t  Salt
       1 pk Semisweet chocolate chips
       1 c  Chopped walnuts
   In large bowl, cream butter, shortening and sugars Beat in egg and vanilla.
   Combine flour, baking soda and salt; stir into butter mixture, mixing well.
   Stir in chocolate chips and nuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls, 2 apart, onto
   greased baking sheets. Bake in 350'F. oven 8-10 minutes, just until edges
   are golden (centers will still be soft). Remove to wire racks to cool.
   Makes about 3 dozen cookies.