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       Title: Fluffy Pumpkin Pie
  Categories: Pies, Bakery
       Yield: 16 servings
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       2 cn (16 oz. each) pumpkin
       1 c  Heavy or whipping cream
     3/4 c  Milk
     3/4 c  Firmly packed brown sugar
     3/4 c  Granulated sugar
       3 tb Dark rum or bourbon
       2 ts Each ginger and cinnamon
       1 ts Salt
     1/4 ts Each nutmeg and cloves
       4    Large egg yolks
       5    Large egg whites
   Roll pastry into two 11-inch circles on lightly floured surface. Place in
   two 9-inch pie plates and flute edges forming high rim. Refrigerate 30
   minutes. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Mix all ingredients except egg whites
   in bowl. Beat egg whites in mixer bowl till stiff but not dry. Gently fold
   the whites into pumpkin mixture. Ladle into prepared pie shells. Bake 15
   minutes; reduce heat to 375 degrees and bake 15 minutes more. Reduce heat
   to 350 degrees and bake 15 minutes more, until toothpick inserted 2 inches
   from edge of pie comes out clean. Turn off oven; leave pie in oven with
   door ajar 20 minutes. Serve warm or cold. Makes 2 pies, 8 servings each.
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