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       Title: Black-Bottom Strawberry Pie
  Categories: Desserts, Pies
       Yield: 8 servings
      21    Shortbread cookies (5 oz)
       2 T  Packed brown sugar
       3 T  Butter or margarine, melted
 ------------------------------CHOCOLATE LAYER------------------------------
     1/2 c  Heavy (whipping) cream
       1 c  Semisweet chocolate chips
 -------------------------STRAWBERRY GLAZE & FILLING-------------------------
       1 c  Granulated sugar
       3 T  Cornstarch
     1/2 c  Water
     1/4 c  Stawberry jam
       2 T  Lemon juice
       2 pt Strawberries, hulled (24 oz)
   CRUST:  Lightly grease 9-inch pie plate.  Process cookies and brown sugar
   in a food processor until finely crushed and blended.  Add butter and
   pulse just until crumbs are moistened.  Press evenly and firmly over
   bottom and sides of pie plate.  Place in freezer to firm up crust.
   CHOCOLATE LAYER:  Heat heavy cream in a small saucepan (or microwave) just
   until steaming hot.  Remove from heat and add chocolate chips.  Let stand
   1 to 2 minutes, then stir until chocolate melts and mixture is thick and
   well blended.  Spread evenly over bottom of pie crust.  Refrigerate (or
   freeze) to firm up chocolate.
   GLAZE AND FILLING:  Mix sugar and cornstarch in a medium saucepan.  Stir
   in water, jam and lemon juice.  Add 1 cup berries (save prettiest ones for
   top of pie) and mash in the saucepan with a potato masher.  Bring to a
   gentle boil over medium heat, whisking constantly.  Boil 6 to 7 minutes,
   whisking occasionly, until mixture is thick and syrupy.  Remove from heat
   and let cool slightly.
        Meanwhile drain remaining berries, hulled side down, on paper towels.
   Pat dry.  Pour about 1/3 of the glaze over the chocolate layer.  Spread
   with a pastry brush to cover.  Top with strawberries, points up.  Pour
   remaining glaze over berries, using a brush to coat each berry.
   Refrigerate at least 1 hour to set glaze.
   Reprinted from Woman’s Day magazine : June 4, 1996 issue.
   Per serving: 449 cal, 3 g pro, 69 g carb, 20 g fat