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                               Seafood Gumbo
 Recipe By     : Seafood the Apalachicola Way, Joyce Estes
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Seafood
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/2  cup           flour
      1/2  cup           oil
    5      pounds        shrimp -- raw, peeled
    1      pound         crab claw meat -- leave claw
    1      pint          oysters -- with juice
    1      pound         crab meat
    1      pound         fish fillet -- boned & cooked
    3      large         onion -- chopped
      1/2  cup           bell pepper -- chopped
    2      cups          okra -- sliced thin
      1/2  cup           olive oil
    8      cups          boiling water
      1/2  cup           ketchup --
      1/2  cup           parsley -- chopped
    2      cups          celery -- chopped
    2      cloves        garlic -- mashed
    3      cubes         chicken bouillon
    1      teaspoon      black pepper -- ground
    2      cans          tomato -- chopped
    2      tablespoons   worcestershire sauce
    2      teaspoons     Old Bay seasoning
    2      tablespoons   salt
    1                    bay leaf
 Make the roux:
 Use a heavy skillet or pot.  Start by mixing the 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup
 oil while cold, then turn the heat to about medium low.  Stir so that the
 flour coats the bottom evenly.  While cooking, stir constantly as the roux
 very slowly browns.  It will take about 15 minutes; allow it to brown a
 little darker since it will lighten when liquid is added.  A good time to
 remove from heat is when the flour separates from the grease.
 Add only boiling water to the roux, or it may lump.  Or, you may add roux
 to a pot of gumbo that is freezing.
 The gumbo:
 It takes time to prepare the vegetables & seafood, so prepare them one at a
 time prior to beginning to cook.  The roux may also be prepared ahead of
 Take a large pot & saute the vegetables in olive oil until they are soft.
 At this point, you may add roux & stir into the vegetables or wait until
 liquids are boiling to add roux.
 Add water, tomatoes, bouillon cubes & spices.  Bring to a boil & cook about
 30 minutes.  Then add 1/2 shrimp and the crab claws.  If you have 1/2 dozen
 crab bodies still in the shell, add them.  This is like a soup bone.
 Simmer about 1 hour then add the rest of the seafood.  Heat the gumbo, but
 don't continue to cook it.  Serve over rice.
                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Per serving: 6617 Calories; 283g Fat (39% calories from fat); 781g Protein;
 205g Carbohydrate; 4490mg Cholesterol; 31118mg Sodium
 NOTES : The author doesn't say how many servings this makes, but note that
 it contains 8 pounds of seafood plus 1 pint of oysters.  This would feed
 15-20 people in our house!