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      Title: Barbecued Ribs
 Categories: Cajun Main dish Meats  
   Servings:  4
       4 lb Pork ribs, cut in pieces            1 ea Lemon   
       1 ea Large onion                         1 c  Catsup   
     1/3 c  Worcestershire sauce                1 t  Chili powder   
       1 t  Salt                                2 x  Dashes Tabasco sauce   
       2 c  Water                         
   Place ribs in shallow roasting pan, meaty side up.  On each
   piece, place a slice of unpeeled lemon, a thin slice of onion.
   Roast in very hot oven, 450 F degrees, 30 minutes.
   Combine remaining ingredients; bring to a boil and pour over
   ribs.  Continue baking in a moderate oven, 350 F degrees, about
   2 hours, basting ribs with the sauce every 15 minutes.
   From “Talk About Good” Contributed by Mrs. K Richard Escudier, Jr.