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       Title: Apple Pork Chops
  Categories: Canadian, Pork/ham
       Yield: 1 servings
       6    Pork chops                          3    Apples-unpeeled with cores
            Pork chop fat or oil                1 ts Sugar
       2 ts Butter                                   Cinnamon
            -salt and pepper to taste      
   Cook the chops using melted fat trimmed from the meat and 1 tsp butter.
   (Note from Anne MacLellan; those concerned about their fat intake may chose
   to use corn oil or some other vegetable oil rather than the pork fat).
   Season to taste and set on hotplatter. Keep warm.
    Slice the apples 1/2 thick and add to the pan with 1 tsp butter, the
   sugar and a few pinches of cinnamon or cloves. Cook over medium heat for
   about 10 minutes, turning once or twice until some of apples are browned.
   Arrange them around the chops and serve. Serves: 4-6
   To quote Mme. Benoit, “The apples keep the chops moist and tender. I
   sometimes use 6 to 7 apples, then I use 1 Tablespoon sugar. Serve very
   hot.” Source" _The Canadiana Cookbook_ by Mme. Jehane Benoit