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       Title: Fish and Brewis
  Categories: Canadian, Fish/sea
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 lb Salt cod                            1 c  Salt prok; diced
       2    Hardbread or hardtack cakes    
   “Fish and brewis (pronounced ”brews“) is one of the oldest traditional
   dishes of Newfoundland. ... The fish in Fish and Brewis is salt cod and the
   brewis is made from hardtack or hardbread, which is avilable everywhere in
   Newfoundland and in specialized grocery stores across Canada. The dish is
   always sprinkled with scrunchions, crisp fried bits of salt pork.
   Fisherman’s Brewis is sometimes the same as Fish and Brewis, but often the
   fish and bread are chopped while hot and mixed together, or fresh cod is
   used instead of salt cod.”
   Cut cod into serving-size pieces. Soak cod and hardbread separately in cold
   water for 8 hours or overnight. Drain fish. In saucepan, cover fish with
   cold water. Heat to boiling and boil gently for 15 to 20 minutes or until
   tender; drain.
     Meanwhile, in skillet, fry salt pork until golden. Brain breadand place
   in saucepan, cover with salted water and bring to a full boil. Drain
   immediately and serve with fish on warm plates. Sprinkle with scrunchions.
   SOURCE: The Thirties chapter in _A Century of Canadian Home Cooking_