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       Title: Poutines Rapees
  Categories: Ethnic, Vegetables, Desserts, Pork/ham
       Yield: 6 servings
     1/2 lb Salt pork, fatty                    4    Potatoes; cooked & mashed
      10    Potatoes; finely grated                  -Salt & Pepper
   “For many Acadians living in southeastern New Brunswick, Poultine Rapee,
   potato dumpling dish with a mixture of seasoned pork in the centre, is
   considered a national dish. In other parts of Acadia, these delicacies are
   prepared without the meat and fish is sometimes added to fricot. Although
   the greyish colour and gluey texture of the poutines makes them appear
   somewhat unappetizing, their taste more than compensates for their
   unattractive appearance.”
   Soak the pork overnight in cold water to remove the salt, and cut into
   cubes. Extract the water from the grated potatoes by putting them in a
   cotton bag and squeezing vigourously. Mix the mashed potatoes with grated
   potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Roll the potato mixture into balls
   resembling small snowballs. Make a hole in the centre of the potato ball
   and add 1 Tbsp of the salt pork. Close the hole and roll the poultines in
   flour. Gently drop the poultines 2 or 3 at a time, into a large pot of
   boiling salted water, ensuring that the water is kept at a rolling boil.
   Simmer the poultines for 2-3 hours. Eat the poultines hot with butter, salt
   and pepper, or as a dessert with sugar and molasses. MAKES: 6 POULTINES
   SOURCE:_A Taste of Acadie_ by Marielle Cormier-Boudrau