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       Title: Chicken Lo Mein Loo
  Categories: Chicken, Pasta, Chinese
       Yield: 2 servings
     1/2 lb Chinese egg noodles
            - (dried, not fresh)
       1 ts Sesame oil
       1 ts Oil
       2 oz Raw lean pork,in matchsticks
       2 oz Raw lean beef, in matchbook
            - cover sized pieces
       2 oz Raw chicken, in small pieces
            - of any which shape
       2 oz Raw shelled shrimp
            - (cooked will do)
       2 ts Dry sherry
       2 ts Cornstarch
       4 tb Oil
       2 oz Button mushrooms, sliced
            - (reconstituted Chinese
            - ones are better but are
            - quite expensive)
       2 c  Chinese cabbage, shredded
            - (can substitute regular
            - cabbage, blanched)
       2    Scallions, cut into
            - matchsticks (green and
            - white part both, no roots)
       2 tb Soy sauce
       1 ts Salt
     1/2 ts MSG (substitute chicken
            - bouillon granules)
     1/4 lb Raw bean sprouts
            Formatted by Manny Rothstein
   Speaking of spaghetti, I gave a recital last Sunday, and my pianist
   and I arrived at the hall (out of breath, hungry, dusty, tired) early
   to warm up and try the piano out - but there was another function
   going on, so we couldn't use the piano and thus had an hour to waste.
   What to do? Luckily, there was one of those hole-in-the-wall Chinese
   takeout places down the street (turned out to be darn good), so I had:
   House special lo mein (this an adaptation of Joyce Chen’s recipe) I
   was served half of this as a “half order” for $4.65, and it was too
   much, so I suppose it makes enough for about 3 as a main course
   Bring a lot of water to the boil. Dump noodles in; turn heat to low.
   Cook 3 minutes. Drain, toss with sesame oil and regular oil, set
   In 4 separate dishes, combine each of the meats with 1/2 t sherry and
   1/2 t cornstarch.
   Heat the 4 T oil in a skillet or wok to high. Add meats in this order,
   stirring for a few seconds between each addition: pork, beef, chicken,
   shrimp. As soon as you've added and tossed the shrimp, add the
   mushrooms and cabbage. Cook until cabbage is wilted. Add scallions,
   soy, salt, and MSG. Stir. Add the noodles and the bean sprouts, and
   stir-cook for 3 min. Serve hot on a warm platter.
   Date: 05-24-95, From: MICHAEL LOO * Origin: Lost in the SuperMarket -
   Peabody, MA - (508) 531-8416 (1:330/175)