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  Categories: Poultry, Chinese, Spices
       Yield: 2 servings
       2    Chicken Breast Halves *
     1/4 c  Canola Oil
       1 lg Bell Pepper, Diced
     1/2 md Carrot, Sliced
       4 oz Bamboo Shoots, Drained
       4 oz Water Chestnuts **
       1 tb Chicken Broth
       1 tb Soy Sauce
     1/2 ts Ground Ginger
     1/2 ts Minced Garlic
     1/4 ts Crushed Red Pepper
     1/8 ts Salt
     1/2 ts Sugar
     1/2 ts White Vinegar
     1/2 ts Cornstarch/Water 50/50 Mix
   * Chicken breast halves should be skinned and boned.
   ** Water chestnuts should be drained and sliced.
   ~------------- ~-- Cut chicken into 1 inch cubes.
   Heat oil in wok on high heat; stir fry chicken for 3
   minutes.  Add vegetables; stir fry 1 minute more.
   Remove chicken and vegetables to a warm platter and
   pour out remaining oil. Put remaining ingredients into
   the wok and stir over medium heat. Return chicken and
   vegetables; stir fry for 1 minute over medium heat.
   238 calories per serving.  From: Syd’s Cookbook.