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       Title: Szechwan Eggplant & Tofu
  Categories: Chinese
       Yield: 4 servings
       3 tb Soy sauce
     1/4 c  Dry sherry or Chinese rice
       1 tb White or brown sugar
       1 tb Cider vinegar
       3 tb Cornstarch
       2 tb Peanut oil
       1 md Onion, thinly sliced
       1 lg Eggplant, cut into strips,
     3/4 ts Salt
       2 tb Minced garlic
       1 tb Minced fresh ginger
     1/4 ts Black pepper
            Cayenne pepper to taste
       3    Cakes firm tofu, cut into
       8    Scallions: greens minced,
            -whites in strips, keep
       1 bn Cilantro, minced (optional)
   Combine soy sauce, vinegar, sherry, sugar in a liquid-measuring cup.
   Add enough water to make up to 1 cup. Place cornstarch in a small
   bowl, pour in the liquid, pour on the liquid & whisk till dissolved.
   Set aside.
   Heat a large wok over a high flame.  Add oil & onion & stir fry for
   about a minute.  Add eggplant & salt & stir fry for 8 to 10 minutes
   till the eggplant is soft. Add garlic, ginger & black pepper &
   cayenne. Cook a few minutes more.
   Add tofu & scallion bottoms.  Stir the bowl of liquid that has been
   set aside & add to the wok.  Mix well & stir fry for another few
   minutes till the sauce is thickened.
   Remove from the heat & serve over rice topped with scallion greens &
   Serves 4.