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       Title: PEKING NOODLES
  Categories: Loo, Chinese, Pasta, Beef
       Yield: 1 batch
       1 lb Ground beef
       3 cl Garlic, minced
       2 tb Rice wine
       2 tb Fish sauce (nam pla)
       2    Scallions, minced
       3 tb Hoisin sauce
       3 tb Brown bean paste
       1 tb Cornstarch
       2 tb Water
      12 oz Chinese egg noodles
       8 oz Bean sprouts
       4    Scallions, minced
   Brown ground beef in its own fat (or use a little oil)
   along with the garlic. When it’s gone gray, add rice
   wine, fish sauce, and scallions. Cook a minute, then
   add hoisin, bean paste, and cornstarch mixed with
   water. Cook a minute or two until cornstarch has
   thickened and set aside.
   Meanwhile, cook and drain the noodles as you would any
   other noodles.
   Mound the noodles on a platter and arrange the bean
   sprouts over the top. Pour the hot (or warm, at least)
   meat sauce over and strew with scallions. Serve hot or
   From:    Michael Loo