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       Title: Pan Stickers with Minced Beef
  Categories: Dim sum, Snacks, Chinese
       Yield: 24 Snacks
      10 oz Plain flour
       3 fl Cold water
            Salt and pepper
       4 fl Boilihg water
       2 ts Soy sauce
     1/2 ts Sugar
     1/2 ts Bicarbonate of soda
     1/2 ts Dry sherry
       1 ts Corn,flour
       4 fl Water
       2 tb Oil plus extra for
            -sallow frying
      12 oz Minced beef
       5    Canned waterchestnuts
            Finely chopped
       1 oz Pickled mustard
            -cabbage, minced or finely
   to make the dough, sift the flour then divide it into two equial
   portions. Mix one portion with the cold water, then knead the dough
   until smoth. Add salt to the other portion and mix it with the
   boiling water. Combine both mixtures and knead into a soft dough.
   Cover with cling film while you prepare the fillin . For the filling,
   mix the soy sauce, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, sherry, cornflour,
   pepper, water and 2 tablespoons oil into the minced beef, then set
   aside to marinate for 30 minutes. Add the minced water chestnuts and
   pickled mustard and mix well. Knead the dough into a long roll, then
   cut it into 24 equal portions. Roll a piece of dough into a round,
   place 2 teaspoons filling on top and fold over to seal in the filling
   in a crescent shape. Heat a little oil in a large non-stick frying
   pan. Add the crescents and cook for 2 minutes. Pour in a little water
   just less than l/4 pint and a pinch of salt, boil and reduce the
   heat. Cover, then simmer for 10 minutes. Uncover, add a little oil
   and cook for 3 minutes, until the liquid has dried up and the pan
   stickers are golden. Cook any remaining pan stickers and serve.