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       Title: RED COOKED EGGS #1
  Categories: Chinese, Appetizers, Eggs
       Yield: 6 servings
       6    Eggs
     1/4 c  Brown sugar
     1/2 c  Dark soy sauce
     1/2 c  Chicken broth
       1 ts Sesame oil
            Hoisin sauce oyster sauce
   In a pot, cover the eggs with cold water; bring to a
   boil, then simmer 15 minutes.  Remove from heat, cool
   the eggs under cold running water, and shell them.
   In a pan, combine the brown sugar, soy sauce, chicken
   broth, and sesame oil. Heat the mixture, stirring to
   dissolve the brown sugar. Add the eggs. Simmer,
   covered for 1 hour.  The liquid should cover the eggs,
   but if it does not, baste frequently.
   Turn off the heat and let the eggs stand in the
   another hour, turning them from time to time, to
   ensure even coloring.  Serve cut into halves or
   quarters, with dipping sauce.  Makes 6 to 8 appetizer
   DIPPING SAUCE:  In bowl, combine equal parts of the
   hoisin sauce and oyster sauce.
   Recipe:  “Chinese Appetizers” by Verdi Published by
   Irene Chalmers Cookbooks, 1981