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  Categories: Chinese, Sauces, Loo
       Yield: 3 cups
       3 c  Thin chicken broth
       2 oz Dry sherry or rice wine
       2 oz Dark soy
       2    Scallions
       4    Slices ginger
       3 cl Garlic, chopped
       2    Star anise
       1    Stick cinnamon
       4 ts Brown sugar
       1 ts Sesame oil
   To use these sauces: bring them to a slow boil in a
   large kettle. Add meat or poultry, return to slow
   boil, reduce heat to simmer, and cook until done.
   Drain meat and serve with some sauce (optionally
   thickened with cornstarch-water) on the side. Save and
   reuse leftover sauce, which gets richer with each use.
   Leftover sauce should be salted lightly, boiled a few
   minutes, skimmed, and cooled before storage in the
   refrigerator. If it is to be kept a long time it
   should be boiled and skimmed once in awhile.