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       Title: Rice Porridge & Corn (Yumi Zhou)
  Categories: Chinese
       Yield: 2 servings
       6 c  Water
       2 ts Salt
     3/4 c  Short grain rice
       2 c  Corn, fresh or frozen
       3 tb Finely chopped scallions
       1 tb Chili bean sauce
       2 ts Roasted Sichuan peppercorns
            - (crushed)
   In Chinese, this is called Yumi Zhou and can be eaten
   for breakfast or lunch, or as part of a full dinner.
   BRING THE WATER TO THE BOIL in a large pot, add the
   salt and then the rice. Bring back to the boil, stir
   several times, cover loosely, and let the rice simmer
   for 40 minutes at the lowest possible heat. Add the
   corn and simmer for 20 more minutes. Stir in the
   scallions and chili bean sauce. Just before serving,
   sprinkle on the roasted ground Sichuan peppercorns.