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  Categories: Chinese, Fish
       Yield: 6 servings
            Stephen Ceideburg
       1 lb White fish fillets
       1 tb Minced ginger root
       2    Green onions, chopped
       2 tb Light soy sauce
       1 tb Rice wine or dry sherry
       6 tb Peanut oil
     1/2 ts Five-spice powder
       2 tb Sugar
     1/4 c  Boiling water
   Select firm fish fillets and cut them into pieces
   approximately 1/2 inch thick by 1 inch by 3 inches.
   Marinate 2 to 3 hours in mixture of ginger root, green
   onions, soy and wine. Heat oil in heavy skillet. Drain
   fish slices, reserving marinade, and fry until brown
   on both sides. Drain on paper toweling. Remove oil
   from skillet. Combine five-spice powder, sugar and
   water. Add to skillet and stir well. Return fish to
   skillet with reserved marinade and cook until sauce is
   reduced by one-half. Cool and serve at room
   From “The Regional Cooking of China” by Margret Gin
   and Alfred E. Castle, 101 Productions, San Francisco,