Grilled Chicken w/Tandoori Spices    No. 3127          Yields 4 Servings
                  Broiler, Cut Up          1/2 tsp       Cumin, Ground
    3/4 Cup       Plain Yogurt             1/4 tsp       Cinnamon, Ground
      1 Tbls      Lime Juice               1/4 tsp       Coriander, Ground
      1 Tbls      Vegetable Oil            1/4 tsp       Turmeric, Ground
      1 Clove     Garlic, Minced           1/4 tsp       Cardamom, Ground
  1 1/2 tsp       Ginger, Minced             1 Dash      Nutmeg, Ground
    1/2 tsp       Salt
 Wash and dry the chicken pieces.
 Place the pieces in a glass bowl.
 Mix all the remaining ingredients together.
 Pour this marinade over the chicken.
 Let stand for 6 hours.
 Prepare the grill - it is NOT ready until ALL the coals have a THICK coating
 of gray ash.
 Remove the chicken from the marinade.
 Grill 4 to 6 from the coals, turning occasionally, until all the pieces are
 cooked through (30 to 45 minutes).
 Serve hot.
 ~~~ Anne Marie Chiappetta