1 lb basmati rice
 1.5 - 2 lb lamb, bone in (use some pieces from the ribs) --make sure
 it is tender meat
 Fry 2 medium onions till golden brown. Take out of the oil. Save the
 Mix well the following:
 the meat pieces, 
 the onion, some of the oil,
 3/4 tbsp ginger and garlic powders each (less if using fresh paste)
 2-3 green chilies, split in two
 1 stick of cinnamon, broken in 3-4 pieces
 6 cardamom  pods, crushed by hand
 6-8 cloves
 half a handful of cilantro leaves
 half tsp red chili powder
 3/4 cup yogurt
 1 tsp salt (more if you wish)
 Keep the above mix standing for about 4 hours (in the fridge)
 Boil the rice in twice as much water, till it is halfway cooked. Drain. 
 Place the mix at the bottom of a baking pan (the blue pans you get here  
 for roasting are good, or else an aluminum baking dish will do). Spread  
 the rice on top of the mix.  Heat up a pinch of saffron in half a cup of 
 milk, and spread the milk around on top. Cover the pan with its cover, 
 or aluminum foil. Heat the oven to 400, and bake for about 45-60 minutes. 
 Check around 45  min -- for doneness of meat --some like it a little chewy, 
 others soft.  By now, the fragrance of the biryani should be wafting through 
 the house,  and you should be salivating. Enjoy it with dahi ki chatni!