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       Title: Tandoori Paste
  Categories: Low, Fat
       Yield: 1 servings
       2 c  Nonfat yogurt (active
            Cultures are good)
            Several cloves garlic
            Several pieces chopped fresh
            Few chopped hot green
            Chilies (seeds or not is up
            To you)
            Cayenne pepper or paprika
            Garam masala
   In a blender:
   I've been unspecific with the measures, because the balance of spices in
   this is kind of up to the cook...there are probably other ingredients
   besides these in the commercial tandoori paste, but these are the
   essentials as I remember them.
   Anyway, to prepare the food, marinate whatever you'll be cooking in a
   mixture of lemon juice and salt for about 1/2 hr. Then add the lemon
   juice/salt to the stuff in the blender and whirl it up. When you lean over
   to sniff it should bite back, hard. Pour the tandoori paste over the food,
   let it sit for up to two hours. Then (for eggplant slices, for example)
   toss on the grill still lightly coated with the tandoori mixture (messy) OR
   for something big like a head of cauliflower, wrap in tinfoil, slathering a
   lot of the paste over the top before closing it up. Bake until it’s almost
   done, and then open the tinfoil to let it dry out a bit while it finishes
   If you want really bright red, mix some red and yellow food coloring and
   paint it onto the food during the lemon and salt phase.
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