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       Title: Red Pepper Pickle
  Categories: Indian, Relishes, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 Servings
       1    Red bell pepper
            Small onion - see below
     1/2    Lemon, juice of -OR-
       1 tb Bottled lemon juice
       2 ts Cumin seed
            Fresh-ground black pepper
   NOTES: This is served in small quantities (about 2 tablespoons per
   person) as a crisp contrast to tender vegetables and creamy dhals.
   ABBREVIATIONS: ts = teaspoon
                  tb = tablespoon
   Cut the red pepper in half; deseed and remove all white membrane.
   Slice as thinly as the sharpness of your knife will allow :-)  then
   cut the longer slices in half. Keep in mind always the way this 
   will look when you serve it. Make it possible to pick them up in a
   Put the pepper slices in a non-metal bowl (if you use a metal one 
   the lemon juice will react with it and the pickle will have a metallic
   Cut the top end off the onion then shave off very thin slices. 
   Really the sharper your knife the better. Make them wafer-thin and if you
   can't consider sharpening your knife. Separate the rings. Mix them 
   in with the pepper slices - use your own judgement as to how much 
   onion you want. I use 1/8 small onion to a medium red bell pepper but
   that’s just me.
   Add the lemon juice, grind over black pepper to taste and mix in 
   the cumin seed.
   Now cover the bowl and leave for at least an hour, NOT in the 
   fridge but even possibly in the sun, stirring once or twice.
   Sorry can't remember where this recipe came from. Possibly same 
   place as the potato chops. It is certainly not by me though I wish it