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  Categories: Side dish, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 ea Pieces canned konnyaku
            -- drained and shredded
       1 ea Tofu block
       1 sm Carrot, shredded
       1 ts Salt
       1 ts Vegetable oil
     1/2 c  Niban dashi
       4 ts Sugar
     1/4 ts All purpose soy sauce
       3 tb White sesame seeds
   Bring 1 c water to a boil in a small pot & drop in the
   shredded konnyaku. Return to the boil, then drain
   immediately & cool to room temperature.
   Bring another cup of water to a boil & drop in the
   tofu.  Simmer uncovered over moderate heat for 5
   minutes, drain, & cool to room temperature.  Wrap the
   tofu in a kitchen towel or napkin & squeeze it gently
   to rid it of its moisture.  With the back of a wooden
   spoon, rub it through a sieve set over a bowl.
   In another bowl, soak the shredded carrots in 1/4 c
   cold water & 1/2 ts of salt for about 30 minutes.
   Drain, squeeze dry & set aside. In a small pot heat 1
   ts vegetable oil over high heat until a light haze
   forms above it.  Stir in the konnyaku, kashi, 1 ts of
   sugar, the remaining salt & 1/8 ts soy sauce.  Bring
   to a boil & simmer, uncovered until the liquid has
   reduced by half.  Cool to room temperature.
   Heat a small frying pan over high heat until a drop of
   water flicked across its surface evaporates instantly.
   Add the sesame &, shaking the pan almost constantly,
   warm them until they are a pale gold & their aroma is
   released.  Bring to a paste in a suribachi (serrated
   mixing bowl) or, more easily, pulverize them at high
   speed in an electric blender with 1/8 ts of soy sauce.
   Transfer the sesame seed paste to a mixing bowl & stir
   in the reserved tofu. Drain the konnyaku and its sauce
   through a sieve set over a small bowl. Stir 2 tbs of
   the sauce into the sesame seed paste.  Stir in 1 tb
   sugar, 1/4 ts salt, the drained konnyaku, & the
   reserved grated carrot.
   Serve as a first course or part of a Japanese meal.