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  Categories: Salads, Appetizers, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 lb String beans
       1 c  Niban dashi
       1 tb Sugar
            Soy sauce
       2 ts Sake
     1/4 ts All purpose soy sauce
     1/2 c  White sesame seeds, warmed
            -- & ground into a paste
       3 tb Sake
       2 ts Sugar
       2 tb All purpose soy sauce
   Snip off & discard the ends of the green beans & cut
   them into 1/2 lengths.  Drop the beans into 2 c of
   lightly salted boiling water, reduce the heat to
   moderate & cook briskly, uncovered, for 8 to 10
   minutes, or until the beans are tender but still
   slightly resistant to the bite.  Drain & run them
   under cold water. In the same pan, combine the dashi,
   sugar, 1/4 ts salt, a sprinkle of soy sauce, sake.
   Bring to a boil over moderate heat, add the string
   beans & return to the boil.  Remove the pan from the
   heat & cool to room temperature.
   DRESSING:  Over high heat, heat 3 tb sake to lukewarm.
   Removepan from heat & ignite the sake with a kitchen
   match, shaking the pan gently until the flame dies
   out.  Pour the sake into a small bowl & cool to room
   temperature. Add the sake, 2 ts sugar and 2 tbs soy
   sauce to the previously prepared sesame paste & mix
   together thoroughly. Pour the sesame dressing into a
   large bowl, add the drained string beans & toss
   together until the vegetables are thoroughly coated.
   Taste for seasoning adding more salt if necessary.
   Serve at room temperature in small bowls, as a first
   course, salad or part of a Japanese meal.