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       Title: Donburi Ni Shiru (Dipping Sauce for Donburi)
  Categories: Sauces, Japanese
       Yield: 1 .5 cups
     1/3 c  Mirin
     1/3 c  Shoyu
       1 c  Niban dashi
     Over moderate heat, bring the mirin to a boil in a 1
   quart saucepan. Remove the pan from the heat and set
   the mirin alight with a match. Shake the pan gently
   until the flame dies out, then stir in the soy sauce
   and dashi, and sprinkle lightly with MSG.  bring to a
   boil over high heat, then cool to room temperature.
     Serve with oyako domburi, tendon domburi and tanin
   Time/Life 'Foods of the World', Recipes: The Cooking
   of Japan
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