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       Title: Donburi Soboro
  Categories: Beef, Japanese
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 T  Oil
       2    Carrot; minced
       2    Scallion
       1 lb Beef, shredded
       5 oz Tofu; in 1/2 cubes
       3 oz Spinach
       2 T  Sugar
       4 T  Soy sauce
       4    Eggs
   Heat oil and saute carrots, add green onions.  Add
   beef and brown. Add tofu, spinach, salt, sugar and soy
   sauce.  Cook on low heat; beat eggs and add to
   mixture.  Cook and stir five minutes.  Serve on
   steamed rice. Submitted By SAM WARING
   <SAM.WARING@382-91-12.IMA.INFOMAIL.COM>  On   TUE, 02
   JAN 1996 145612 GMT