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       Title: Mishoshiru No-Mi (Miso Soup Garnishes)
  Categories: Japanese, Condiment
       Yield: 6 servings
 -----------------WASAME AND SPRING ONIONS-----------------
     1/2 oz Wakame
       1    Spring Onion
 ------------------TOFU AND SPRING ONIONS------------------
       6 oz Tofu
       1    Spring Onion
 -----------------DAIKON AND SPRING ONIONS-----------------
       1    Diakon, peeled
       1    Spring Onion (all)
 ----------------------FU AND MUSTARD----------------------
      18    Kobana or Yachi-Fu
       1    Powdered Mustard
   WAKAME AND SPRING ONIONS Soak the Wakame in a bowl of
   warm water for 15 minutes.  When soft, strip the
   leaves fro the tough central vein. Discard the vein.
   Add sliced onions. TOFU AND SPRING ONIONS When soup
   simmers, drop in the tofu ans simmer for 1 minute.
   Pour into bowl, garnish with onions, and serve. DIAKON
     Cut the 1 inch diakon into strips 1/8 wide and 2
   long.  COver the strips with cold water and bring to a
   boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes until
   vegitable are tender but still firm.  When the Miso
   soup begins to simmer, drain the Daikon and add it to
   the soup.  Garnish with onions and serve. FU AND
   MUSTARD Soak the dried coutons in cold water for 10
   minutes, until they are soft.
    Squeeze the gently to rid them of their moisture.
   Bring the Miso to a simmering point, drop the croutons
   and simmer for 1 minute.  Pour the sou, add mustard,
   and serve.