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       Title: Raw Fish Salad (Japanese Sashimi)
  Categories: Japanese, Seafood
       Yield: 9 servings
       1 lb Bass (raw) or:
            - Tuna (raw) or: other
            - fish of your choice, fresh
            - water or salt, bones and
            - skin removed and slivered
     1/2 c  Gingerroot, fresh, chopped
            -or: 1/4 c powdered ginger
     1/2 c  Horseradish, grated
     1/2 c  Mustard sauce or: 1/4 c
            - mustard powder
            Water, for mixing sauce
            - ingredients
            Bowl of very fresh salad
            - greens, broken or cut into
            - small pieces
   In this popular dish, the Japanese enjoy eating their
   fish completely raw, cut in slivers about 1/4 inch
   thick, and dipped into a mixture of fresh chopped
   gingerroot, grated horseradish and mustard.  We add
   dishes of very fresh greens, turning the Sashimi into
   a salad.
   If your fish is very, very fresh, your dishes colorful
   and attractively arranged, and if you accompany your
   first bite of raw fish with a generous mouthful of
   crisp greens, you will probably be able to overcome
   your prejudices and discover what the Japanese have
   known for centuries: fish doesn't have to be cooked to
   taste good.
   INSTRUCTIONS: Set out the slivered fish, 3 dishes of
   seasonings and salad greens and let everyone mix his
   own sauce, tasting and testing as he does, and help
   himself to greens.
   From 'The Complete Fish Cookbook', by Dan and Inez
   Morris, Stoeger Sportsman’s Library, 1972
   posted by Robert Bass