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       Title: Tataki
  Categories: Japanese, Beef, Appetizers
       Yield: 6 servings
       3    New York strip steaks
     3/4 c  Soy sauce
     3/4 c  Sake
     1/2 c  Mirin
       2 c  Dashi
   Mix  together  soy sauce, sake, mirin and dashi. (Sake
   and  Mirin wines can be bought in most liquor stores.
   Dashi, a base for Japanese soup stock,is available in
   most Oriental stores.) Bring to boil.Add steak and
   return to boil.Cook 3 to 5 minutes.Be careful not to
   overcook the meat;it should be rare on the inside.
   Remove steak,wrap in foil and refrigerate overnight.
   Continue boiling,cooking until liquid has reduced to a
   thick sauce. You can tell when it is done,because the
   sauce makes large, slow bubbles when it is ready.Be
   careful; otherwise the sauce will burn. Refrigerate
   overnight. To serve: Cut all fat from steaks. Slice in
   very thin slices. Arrange on a plate. Just before
   serving; pour 1 tsp. of reduced cooking sauce over
   meat. You can also garnish with a little chopped green
   onion. For an appetizer serving, allow 5 to 7 slices
   per person. Serves 6.