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  Categories: Japanese, Fish
       Yield: 5 servings
 ---------------------------CHOOSE ONE (ONE PIECE---------------------------
       1 lb Fresh Sea Bass Fillet
       1 lb Squid
       1 lb Turbot
       1 lb Tunny Fish
       1 lb Halibut
       1 lb Abalone
       1 lb Bream
 -------------------------------DIPPING SAUCE-------------------------------
       4 T  Soy Sauce -OR-
       1 x  Tosa Joyu
       1 x  Chirizu   -OR-
       1 x  2 Secion Diakon
       1 ea Celery
       1 ea Carrot
   There are 4 basic cuts for Sashimi.  A Very sharp, heavy knife is a must.
   1.  Hara Giri (Flat Cut)  Most popular cut.  Suitable for any filleted
   fish.  Holding the fish firmly, cut straight down in slices about 1/4 to
   1/2 thick and 1 wide, depending on the size of the fillet.
   2.  Kaku Giri (Cubic Cut)  This style of cutting is more often used for
   tunny fish.  Cut the fish as above, the cut the slices into 1/2 cubes.
   3. Ito Zukuri (Thread Shape)  Although this technique may be used with any
   small fish, it is especially suitable for squid.  Cut the squid straight
   down into 1/4 slices, the cut lengthways into 1/4 wide strips.
   4.  Usu Zukuri (Paper Thin Slices)  Place a fillet of bass or bream on a
   flat surface and, holding the fish firmly with one hand, slice it at an
   angle into almost transparent sheets.
   Sashimi may be composed of one fish or a variety of fish.  To serve as
   part of a meal, arrange the fish attractively on individual serving
   plates.  Garnish each plate with obout 1/2 teaspoon of wasabi and decorate
   with strips of daikon, carrot and/or celery.  Cover with a sheet of
   plastic and refrigerate for NO MORE THAN 1 HOUR before serving.
       Pour the dipping sauce of your choice into tiny dishes and accompany
   each serving of Sahshimi with it’s own sauce.  The wasabi may be mixed
   with soy sauce or tosa joyu to taste.  To serve as an hors d' oerve,
   arrange two or more varieties or cuts of sashimi on a serving dish and
   accompany with dipping sauce.