Date:    Mon, 21 Feb 94 21:13:08 EST
 Sticky Rice (Sticky rice works best, but you CAN use brown rice)
 Bamboo sushi mat (Not totally essential, but it helps a LOT)
 Plastic Saran wrap
 Roasted Seaweed  (comes 4 to 8 sheets in a package...HFS’s have it, but
 it’s much less expensive at an Oriental Market)
 Rice Vinegar
 Toasted Sesame seed
 Fat Free Mayonnaise
 Dijon Mustard (I make a mixture of 2/3 Mayo and 1/3 mustard)
 Veggies can include: Avocado, cucumber, green beans, radishes,onion,
 yellow squash, zucchini, black or green olives, etc.
 If you like HOT stuff, try a little Wasabi (John likes a LOT of Wasabi.)
 I bought a Sushi cookbook and the following instructions are taken from the
 book.  Believe me, it works!
 rice. Just add little extra water and cook it a little longer.  (Two cups
 of water to one cup of brown rice, cook for 45 to 55  minutes and let stand
 for 15 minutes before building Sushi.)
 2  Cups White Sushi rice  (They call it sticky rice)
 2  Cups Water
 3 1/2 Tbsps. Vinegar
 1  Tbsps. Sugar (I use Barley Malt)
 1  tsp. salt (can be reduced or omitted)
 Wash rice and Make rice in Rice Cooker, OR
 1. Wash rice in a big bowl of water.  Rub grains gently; wet grains break
 2. Drain water.  Repeat this step 3 or more times until water is almost    clea
 3. Let rice sit for at least 30 minutes in summer and 1 hour in winter.
    This allows ample time for rice to absorb the water.
 4. In cooking pot, mix rice and correct amount of water. Cover with lid.
 5. Cook rice over medium heat until water boils.  Do not bring it to boiling
    point quickly.
 6. When it begins to boil, turn heat to high and cook for 1 minute.
    NEVER lift lid while cooking.  Since the lid might bounce from the
 pressure of the steam, it is better to place a weight, or some dishes on
 the lid.
 7. Turn heat to low and cook for 4 or 5 minutes.
 8. Reduce heat to the lowest setting for 10 minutes.  Every grain of rice
    absorbs water and becomes plump.
 9. Turn off the heat and let rice stand, covered with lid for 10 minutes.
    During this time the grains are allowed to “settle,” and the cooking
    process is completed by the heat retained in the rice and walls of the
 Mix Vinegar, salt, and sugar in cup and heat until sugar and saltis
 dissolved. (Use Microwave)
 Put rice in a large glass, wooden, or plastic bowl...(Not metal)
 Spread rice evenly over the bottom. Sprinkle vinegar mixture generously
 over the rice....You may not need all of it.
 Use any combination of 3 or 4 veggies, cut into thin strips.
 1. Spread Plastic wrap on bamboo Sushi mat.
 2. Lay Roasted Seaweed sheet on plastic wrap.
 3. Spread Sushi rice on Seaweed (About 1 cup, flatten to 1/4 in. with back
    of spoon.
 4. Lay a strip of the veggies along one end.
 5. Spread on a teaspoon of the mayo mustard mixture.
 6. Begin rolling by lifting mat and pressing ingredients with fingers.
 Roll up carefully, press end.  Remove mat and unwrap the plastic.
 7. Repeat using all ingredients to make 4 rolls.  Cut each roll crosswise
  into 6 to 8 equal slices.
 8. Serve with Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Braggs Amino, or ANY kind of mustard.  I
  like it plain!
 This makes a SUPER plate of appetizers.  OR, a complete meal for two, along
 with a salad or WHATEVER!  I've found that it keeps well for a day or two.
  We love it cold the next day, so I usually make enough for 8 rolls.