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                             SAUSAGE & PEPPERS
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    1                    Sausage and Peppers
   RE: Crock pot recipes
   DC>I am not the most creative person in the world when it comes to using my
   crock pot.  Do any of you have favorite recipes you could post for me?
   Here are a couple of things that I make in mine.  I don't have exact
   measurements though, because these are just things I thought up myself.
   Brown italian sausage (I usually get about two pounds) in skillet or put
   broiler just till browned.  Drain off fat and let cool just till you can
   handle them. Meanwhile they are browning, cup up a whole bunch of onions
   and peppers, and if you want, add a clove of garlic. Place vegees in
   crockpot. Then cut up sausage in very small pieces. Add to crockpot. Cover
   with an eight-ounce can tomato sauce and add oregano, basil or whatever.
   Sook about six or seven hours. Serve in sub rolls or on hamburger burns or
   over rice.
   2 Barbecued Beef
   Get a very small pot roast.  Season and put in crockpot.  Cover with
   sauce.  Add more sauce near the end because the sauce will lose its flavor
   during cooking, or add new sauce after slicing. Remove roast from crockpot
   after cooking, and slice into thin slices. (maybe slices isn't the right
   it kind of shreds.)  Anyway, serve in hamburger buns.  Good with baked
   beans and salad.
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