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 Serving Size  : 12   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Italian                          Desserts
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3       c            All-purpose flour
      1/2   ts           Salt
      3/4   c            Shortening
      1/2   c            Melted shortening
    1 1/2   lb           Ricotta
    8       tb           Confectioners sugar
    3       tb           Minced candied orange and
                         -citron peel
    2                    Eggs
    1       tb           All-purpose flour
      1/2   ts           Vanilla
    1                    Egg white
                         Melted shortening
                         Confectioners sugar
   Sift flour and salt and turn into bowl.  Cut in
   shortening with fingers to mealy consistency.  Add
   enough water (approx. 1/2 c) to hold mixture together.
   Dough should be not too hard or too soft (similar to
   egg noodle dough).  Knead well several minutes.  Form
   into ball and refrigerate for 30 minutes to enable it
   to lose elasticity and roll out easily.  Roll dough
   very thin on lightly floured board into rectangular
   pice measuring about 28 x 24 inches. Cut edges evenly,
   then cut into 4 pieces lengthwise, 28 x 6 inches.
   Using a brush, spread melted shortening generously and
   evenly over one strip, top with second strip and
   spread with shortening.  Repeat with the third and
   fourth strips, separating each strip by a layer of
   shortening.  Let shortening cool and set.  Using great
   care, roll four strips together, as for jelly roll,
   starting from shorter end. Wrap in wax paper and
   refrigerate about 15 minutes.  Remove wax paper and
   cut ends evenly using a short thing knige.  Cut roll
   into 12 1/2 inch pieces (For easier cutting, dip knife
   in flour before cutting dough).
   Slices will resemble narrow rolls of ribbon.  Place on
   lightly floured board and sprinkle lightly with flour.
   Gently place rolling pin a center of slice and roll
   out from center toward left.  Return rolling pin to
   center and roll out from center toward right.  The
   slice, fromerly round, will be a larger and thinger
   oval shape.  Gently roll again from center toward top
   with one stroke and from center toward bottom with one
   stroke. The oval should measure about 7 1/2 inches at
   its longest part.  Placed prepared oval on lightly
   floured board, rolled side down.
   Proceed as above with the other pieces, arranging
   finished ovals on board, side by side.
   Prepare Filling:  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Drain
   ricotta through cheese cloth until quite dry.  Place
   in bowl, stir in remaining ingredients and blend
   throroughly.  Place a tb or two of ricotta mixture on
   lower half of each oval, wet edges of dough with a
   little egg white and fold over filling, bringing
   narrow edges together to form a shell-like shape.
   Press edges together tightly to seal in filling.
   Brush each shell with melted shortening.  Bake about
   15 minutes, then quickly brush more melted shortening
   over shells using light, gentle strokes.
   Close oven door quickly, lower heat to 350 and bake
   another 20 minutes. Brush once more with shortening.
   Pastries will puff up and have a beautiful golden
   color showing shell-like ribs or lines.  Lower heat to
   250 and bake another 5 to 10 minutes.  Cool on rack.
   When cold, durst with confectioners sugar.
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