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       Title: CANNOLI
  Categories: Ethnic, Pasta, Cakes, Candy, Chocolate
       Yield: 4 servings
 ---------------------------------FOR PASTA---------------------------------
    1.33 c  Flour
            Pinch of salt
    0.50 ts Sugar
    1.00 tb Grated orange or lemon rind
    1.00 tb Butter
            Marsala wine
    1.00    Egg white, beaten
            Oil; for frying
 --------------------------------FOR FILLING--------------------------------
    1.00 lb Ricotta cheese
    2.00 tb Miniature chocolate bits, or
            Shaved semi-sweet chocolate
    1.00 tb Candied citron, or glaced
            Fruit; slivered
    2.00 tb Sugar
   PASTA: Combine flour, salt, sugar, citrus rind and butter and blend well.
   Add Marsala by the teaspoonful until dough is stiff. Chill for 2 hours.
   Roll dough on a lightly-floured board into a large rectangle. Cut into 4
   squares. Wrap squares around cannoli tubes so that 2 corners fold over and
   two corners point outward. Brush the touching corners with egg white so
   that they will stick together. Deep fry in hot oil until golden. Cool and
   remove from tubes. Fill. Makes 10 to 12 cannoli. If you don't have cannoli
   tubes, make 2 diameter tubes out of heavy-duty aluminum foil and fold
   dough accordingly. FILLING: Combine all ingredients and fill the cannoli.