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       Title: Saltimboca Alla Romana
  Categories: Italian, Appetizers, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 6 servings
      12 sl Of veal from the upper leg,
            -cut 1/2 inch thick
      12    Thin slices prosciutto (fat
            -and lean)
      24    Fresh sage leaves
       6 tb Butter
   1 1/2 c  Dry white wine
            Salt and freshly ground
   Put the veal slices between sheet of wax paper and pound them with
   the flat side of a meat cleaver to make them slightly thinner than
   they were cut. Season them with salt and pepper, place 2 sage leaves
   (dried sage is a poor substitute for this dish, but it may be used if
   necessary) and a slice of prosciutto on each slice, fold the slices
   in half, secure with toothpicks, and dust with flour.  Melt the
   butter in a large frying pan (or use 2 frying pans with slightly more
   butter so that all of the veal may be cooked at the same time) over
   fairly high heat, add the slices of veal, brown quickly for about 2
   minutes on each side, reduce the heat a, and continue cooking for
   about 5 minutes, or until the veal is just tender. Do not overcook.
   Transfer the veal to a hot serving platter, remove the toothpicks,
   and keep warm.  De-glaze the pan with the wine, scraping the sides
   and bottom with a wooden spoon, reduce by 1/4 and pour over the veal.
   Makes 6 servings.
   From “Great Italian Cooking-La Grande Cucina Internazionale” by Luigi
   Carnacina, edited by Micheal Sonino, Agradale Press, New York, no date
   NOTE:  Although generally considered to be a Roman specialty, this
   dish originated in Brescia.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideburg April 20 1990.