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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
  500       g            Pork (spare rib or loin)
   50       g            Bacon, streaky
    2                    Onions
  400       ml           Beetroot rassol or kvas
    1       tb           Sugar
                         Salt to taste
    6                    Peppercorns, black
    3                    Allspice berries
    2       tb           Rye crumbs
                         - or oats
                         - or barley
                         Chervil, fresh
                         - or lovage
                         Cream, sour
    1       tb           Parsley, chopped
   Cut the meat into cubes and brown in the bacon fat or with streaky bacon.
   Remove the meat from the pan and lightly brown the onions in the remaining
   fat. Transfer the meat, onions and bacon to a casserole add the beetroot
   rassol or other liquid, sugar, salt, peppercorms, allspice berries and
   grain, and set covered in a medium oven to cook for about one hour. If
   after half an hour the casserole seems too dry, water may be added until a
   satisfactory consistency is achieved. Serve sprinkled with fresh herbs and
   a little sour cream if liked.
   Beetroot Rassol - The liquid in which beetroot is preserved. Kvas - a
   Russian beer, sweet, mildly acid and mildly alcoholic made from wheat, rye,
   buckwheat and sometimes barley with sugar and water.
   From:The Food & Cooking of Russia by Lesley Chamberlain
                   Penguin ISBN 0 14 046.471 9
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