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      Title: Machynka z Hrybiv (Mushroom Filling)
 Categories: Vegetables, Russian, Christmas
   Servings: 10
     1/4 lb Dried Boletus Murshrooms:OR
     1/4 lb Dried Italian Porcini
       2 lb Fresh Mushrooms; Mature If
       4 md Onions
       1 c  Oil; OR
     1/2 lb Butter
       2 ts Black Pepper; Ground
       3 ts Salt
     1/2 c  Dry Bread Crumbs
            Juice Of 1 Lemon
   In a saucepan with enough water to cover, bring the dried mushrooms to a
   boil and simmer until tender, about 1 1/2 hours.  Do NOT allow to cook
   dry, add water as needed.  Cool and set aside.  Wipe the fresh mushroom
   with a damp towel and trim the stems then finely chop them, setting them
   aside when done.  Chop th onions and cook in oil or butter in heavy
   skillet until wilted.  Add the chopped fresh mushrooms and cook over
   medium heat, stirring.  Removed the dried mushroom from their liquid,
   reserving the liquid, and finely chop them, mixiing them in the fresh ones
   as you finish each one.  Cook until the mushroom ixture is dry, then
   season to taste.  Add the lemon juice andbread crumbs.  Stir and remove
   from the heat.  Keep stirring while cooling to allow the steam to escape.
   Yield: 1 quart.  Maybe used to flavor rice for cabbage rolls and to make
   gravy and soup.