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      Title: Mrybova Pidlyva (Mushroom Gravy)
 Categories: Sauces, Russian, Christmas
   Servings: 10
       1 c  ;Nachynka z Hrybiv; (Mush
            -room Filling)
       1 c  Stock
       1 c  Light Cream; OR
       1 c  Half And Half
       1 tb Cornstarch; (Optional)
            Salt And Pepper
   Heat the stock in a saucepan and add the mushroom mixture, bringing the
   mixture to a boil.  Add the cream and heat through.  Season to taste.
   For a thicker gravy, add the cornstarch to a little of the cream and then
   add to the hot gravy.
   Use this gravy with cabbage rolls and roasts.  It is also very good over
   toast points.