Date:    Thu, 05 Aug 93 15:38:34 EDT
 From:    “Anca I. Busuioc” <>
 kidney beans with an oriental twist :^)
 2 1lb cans kidney beans (i used Goya, those are some BIG beans...)
 1 huge onion
 2-3 cloves garlic
 few drops sesame oil
 few tsp szechuan sauce
 1 tsp Vegeta (optional; this is a powdered vegetable mix used 4 soups)
 i cooked this in a wok (lovely non-stick one) but you could use a heavy
 big pan.  put pan on medium-high fire.  let it get hot.  coat the bottom
 with a little sesame oil.  saute onions (_not_ garlic).  meanwhile
 open cans, drain one, keep the liquid from the other.  take a few beans
 adn mash with a fork (about 2tbsp of 'em) til creamy.  when onions are
 translucent, add beans, mashed beans, and juice from 1 can.  cook for
 a couple minutes, add szechuan sauce (taste first!  it could be too hot
 or too mild for you :^)  i used 3 tsp.)  add Vegeta.  mince/crush garlic
 cloves, but only add them  in _after_ you turned off the fire.  mix
 into beans, cover, let sit a few minutes.  the hot beans will cook the garlic
 but most of the flavor will still be there (i don't like to saute garlic
 first because most of the flavor is gone by the time dish is ready...  a
 matter of taste, i suppose)
 serve over rice.  should serve 3-4ppl.  this recipe was adapted after
 something i read on a can.  i think  this provides the best taste-per-
 effort ratio...