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       Title: Easy Red Beans and Rice
  Categories: Legumes, Pork, Beef, Sausage, Rice
       Yield: 4 -6 servs
 -------------------SO LIVING ANNUAL 1990-------------------
       1 lb Smoked link sausage, cut
            -1/2 slices (kielbasa)
       1 md Onion, chpd
       1    Green pepper, chpd
       1 cl Garlic, miced
      30 oz Kidney beans, drained
      16 oz Cn tomatoes, chpd, w/juice
     1/2 t  Dried whole oregano
     1/2 t  Pepper
            Hot cooked rice
   Cook sausage over low heat 5-8 mins. Add onion, green
   pepper, and garlic; saute until tender. Drain if
   necessary. Add beans, tomatoes, and seasonings;
   simmer, uncovered, 20 mins. Serve over rice.