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                         CREAMY SEAFOOD PASTA SALAD
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Appetizers                       Salads
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
   12       oz           Medium shell pasta
    1       lb           Mixed seafood (scallops,squid
                         Shrimp, and/or firm white
                         Fish fillets) cut into 2
    1 1/2   c            Diced sweet red peppers
    1       c            Diced sweet green peppers
      3/4   c            Diced red onions
      3/4   c            Thinely sliced carrots
      1/2   c            Chopped green onions
    1       c            2% yogurt
      1/3   c            Light mayonnaise
      1/2   c            Chopped fresh dill or
                         1 1/2tbsp dried
    2       tb           Lemon juice
    2       ts           Crushed garlic
    1       t            Dijon mustard
   1.  Cook pasta in boiling water according to package instructions or
   until firm to the bite.  Rinse with cold water.  Drain and place in
   serving bowl.
   2.  In medium nonstick skillet sprayed with vegetable spray, saute
   seafood just untill cooked, approximately 3 minutes.  Set aside.
   3.  Add red and green peppers, onions, carrots and green onions to
   pasta. Add seafood.
   4.  Make the dressing:  In small bowl combine yogurt, mayonnaise,
   dill, lemon juice, garlic and mustard.  Pour over pasta.  Toss and
   chill TIPS:  firm fish filets can be used with or instead of mxed
   seafood.  Be careful not to over cool.  Grilled fish instead of
   sauteed makes an excellent variation.  Make ahead>>  Pasta salad and
   dressing can be prepared early in day.  Do not toss untill ready to
   serve. From Rose Reisman Brings Home Light Pasta.
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