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       Title: RICE DRESSING
  Categories: Kosher, Cajun, Main dish, Pasta/rice
       Yield: 10 servings
     1/2 lb Broiled chicken liver ground
       3    Cooked gizzards, ground
       2    Large onions, ground
       2    Cloves garlic, ground
       1 c  Celery, ground
     1/2 c  Parsley, minced
     1/2 c  Shallots, ground
       6 tb Pareve margarine
       1    Egg, well beaten
       4 c  Cooked rice
            Salt & pepper to taste
            Cayenne to taste
   Saute livers, giblets, onions, garlic,celery, and
   shallots in margarine until onions and celery are soft
   and meat is brown.  Add egg, parsley, salt, pepper,
   and cayenne to taste; stir.  Cover and simmer 10 min.
   Add cooked rice, mix thoroughly, and heat through.
   Yields enough dressing for 10 to 12 lb. turkey, or may
   be baked in greased casserole dish in 350 F. oven for
   20 min.  Serves 8 to 10.
   Note that meats and vegetables are GROUND, not
   chopped.  That’s the secret to this recipe.