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                          RICE AND OYSTER DRESSING
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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Turkey                           Poultry
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
   10       c            Rice, cooked in chicken
    1 1/2                Sticks butter
    3                    Garlic cloves, finely
    1       c            Chopped onion
      1/2   c            Chopped bell pepper
    2       c            Chopped celery
    1       pt           Oysters
    1       lb           Chicken livers
      1/4   ts           Cayenne pepper (more if
      1/4                C ÿ     1/3   c            Lea & Perrin’s
                         -Worcestershire sauce
      1/2   ts           Celery salt
      1/2   ts           Onion salt
    6                    Beaten eggs
    Melt butter in large skillet. To butter, add garlic,
   onions, bell pepper and celery. Saute lightly and
   remove from pan, retaining butter. Add oysters and
   saute in remaining butter. (If oysters are small, they
   may remain whole. Large ones can be chopped after
   sauteed.) Oysters should be sauteed lightly, just
   until edges curl. Remove and set aside. Wash chicken
   livers thoroughly. Place in pan and add enough water
   to just cover them. Boil until done. Drain and slice
   finely. Combine everything but eggs into large bowl
   and mix together well with your hands. At this time,
   you can taste to adjust seasonings. According to
   personal taste, you might want to add more of the
   salts or cayenne. Now add the six beaten eggs and mix
   together well. Mixture should hold together without
   being too wet or dry. Adjust for moisture by draining
   liquid or adding additional chicken broth. Pour
   mixture into 4-quart casserole. Cover and warm in a
   325-deg. oven for about 20 minutes. You can also stuff
   a 25 pound turkey and cook. This recipe may be a side
   dish and serves 15 people.
    Judi Johnson (Rice Farmer)
    MM by Cathy Svitek
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