The following is a modification of Tina’s rye pancakes with a
 different flavor focus as well.  These pancakes are almost good enough
 to eat alone but still taste better with a sweet topping such as
 Tina’s Sweet Potato/Apples or perhaps even plain apple sauce.
   I made and ate a whole batch of these by myself last night.  Yum.
 (Thanks, tina, for the ideas.)
  Vegetable Rye Pancakes
       for two
  1/2   Cup  rye flour
  1/4   Cup  whole-wheat flour
  1/2   tsp  baking powder
  2-3   TBSP finely chopped red bell pepper
  2-3   TBSP finely chopped carmelized onions
  1/4   tsp  salt
  1/2   Cup Soy or rice milk (I used Edensoy Vannila.  I've also used
 	Rice Dream)
  1/4   Cup water
    (Carmelize onions using your favorite method - mine is with balsamic
 vinegar - I prepare a big batch at the beginning of the week and use
 it throughout the week.)
    In a small bowl, combine dry ingredients and mix in the liquid.  Let
 the batter stand for a few minutes. While batter stands, heat up a
 skillet/griddle.  Use your favorite low fat greasing technique (I use
 a stick of butter which I rub lightly over the hot griddle.  A single
 stick can last for months this way.) 
   Heat the skillet over medium flame.  Pour the batter onto the
 griddle to form 4 pancakes.  The batter is very thick but should pour
 well.  The pancakes should be around 4-6 wide and around 1/2 thick
 when done.  Use a spoon or fork to spread pancake mix, if necessary.
   Once the pancake has browned on bottom, turn over and reduce heat to
 low.  Keep on griddle for as long as you like (till bottom has lightly
 browned) then turn up heat again for another minute.
   Remove pancakes serve with a sweet fruit sauce or try it by itself.
 The pancakes will have a crisp crust and a chewy inside.  Yum.
 NOTE:  If you like corn these pancakes would be really great with 
 whole kernels added as well...